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At Nuvition, we understand digital reality as the use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality and a variety of digital tools and processes to transform organizations and the way they interact with their customers, employees and partners.

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Digital reality solutions enable you to provide differentiating experiences that help customers make better-informed decisions and develop stronger affinity towards your brand and products.

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Digitalization has touched almost all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Our attention spans are getting shorter and yet our expectations from brands and service providers are increasing – we know what we want and we’re looking for companies that can provide it.

Digital reality solutions enable you to provide new and differentiating experiences that inspire customers and empower them to ‘feel’, ‘test’ and ‘configure’ products in new and exciting ways. Nuvition will help you build digital reality solutions that move customers and prospects from the ‘consideration’ stage to ‘conversion’ quickly and efficiently so that you can boost your sales and grow your business.


Digital reality empowers you to revolutionize and enhance the way people sample your products before purchase, the way people learn how to use your products and services, the way your people learn, and the way your organization develops new products.


The value of having a happy customer has never been higher. Happy customers don’t only spend money on your products and services – thanks to social media, the internet and even old-fashioned ‘word of mouth’, a satisfied customer can become a brand evangelist and your most-effective sales aid.

A good product is a must, but the most-successful brands focus on helping customers enjoy the buying and after-sales experience. Digital reality solutions enable you to help your customers maximize the benefits of your products with modern tools that enhance the product experience


Digital reality solutions enable you to reduce many of the costs associated with shipping or returning products, procuring physical space, training employees and even product research and development (R&D).


It’s easy to envisage how compelling, interactive experiences can captivate customers and increase sales but digital reality solutions (AR and VR) have the potential to enhance and optimize operations right across the business. In most cases, the application of digital reality solutions directly or indirectly leads to cost reductions. And these savings aren’t just short-term – cost reduction is achieved in a smart way, by improving efficiency of processes and resource use.

Digital reality solutions provide you with the opportunity to transform the way you do business – internally and externally – and enable you to transform your cost model.

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Gain deep and meaningful insights into how people use your products and services, track efficiency improvements within your organization, and learn how much your digital reality solutions are generating or saving for you.


Every application should serve as a two-way channel for the communication of useful data and information – users should benefit from information that enhances their user experience, and brands should benefit from learning how applications and products are used, and then feed this insight back into its product development strategy.

Digital reality applications can help brands gather useful data about customer behavior and satisfaction, or to help measure process efficiency and cost-reduction indicators. This data flow can be customized and plugged into your internal data analysis platforms and ERP so that you can measure performance against KPIs in real time or near time, and optimize your products or services accordingly.


With process efficiency, your  people   and  your   business can  sell better,   learn  faster,  and design and  build more effectively by optimizing or redesigning process for the digital world.


Process efficiency has become a key competitive advantage across a variety of different sectors and geographies. With modern technologies facilitating communication and data exchange in real time, it doesn’t matter where your team members are based. Lifestyles and working habits have changed, transforming the way we source and work with specialists. Digital reality opens up a rich range of remote collaboration models that enable processes to be performed efficiently regardless of location and distance.


Digital reality solutions can help achieve almost any operational or strategic objective. Define your objective or initiative and we’ll work with you to understand how digital reality can help you achieve it.


Each business and organization has its own unique needs. We recognize that some organizations require rapid answers or solutions to specific, short-term challenges that fall outside of their long-term digitization strategy. With Nuvition’s experience in research, analysis, consulting and implementation, we’re optimally positioned to support you with custom, situation-specific solutions that will help address your needs.



Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables you to add a digital layer to a real-world view of the world, in real time. Applied well, augmented reality can add a new and compelling level of richness to experiences across your day-to-day business operations.

Augmented reality solutions from Nuvition empower you to:

  • Showcase your products in compelling new ways that allow your customers to ‘experience’, ‘configure’ and ‘arrange’ virtual representations of your products in the environment of their choice (e.g. home);
  • Facilitate next-generation learning within your organization by blending the real with the virtual to create engaging, repeatable and interactive training experiences that stimulate more senses and imagination than conventional learning tools.


Imagine being able to:

  • Empower your customers to ‘try’ your products before they buy. Create virtual showrooms, real-estate spaces (houses or apartments) or custom vehicle configurations that your customers can explore, inspect and configure to their hearts’ content.
  • Learn new skills or enhance existing skills by training and practicing in virtual environments. Imagine training to drive a forklift truck in safe, controlled environment or enabling your sales team to perfect their pitch delivery in front of simulated client environments.
  • Revolutionize your prototyping and design processes by simulating and testing every major component or product iteration virtually before committing funds and resources to physical production.


While many of the use-cases for mixed reality are common for virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality has the potential to deliver altogether more realistic experiences.

  • Bring products and product demos into customers’ homes and hands. Place ‘virtual’ products into your customer’s hands while they relax at home, and guide them through product demonstrations, while gauging sentiment and displaying relevant product information and data based on user feedback.
  • Facilitate true collaboration in a virtual environment. Create connected workspaces with virtual elements that collaborators can use to help them achieve their workshop or meeting objectives.
  • Enable expertise to be delivered ‘over the shoulder’. Imagine being able to call upon a product expert or instructor and for them to see exactly what you see and provide you with real-time guidance and real-world annotations for you to follow.



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