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NUVITION is part of EMBS GROUP, a business advisory and market research firm. Our advisory work affords us the opportunity to work with a large and diverse range of organizations, from many different sectors and different parts of the world. While the work that we perform is varied and ‘no two clients or challenges are the same’, we recognize that organizations of many different types and from different sections and regions are encountering similar challenges when it comes to digitization and digital transformation.

The digitization of the economy and the rapid advances of technology – such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) – present both a huge, game-changing opportunity, but also a major challenge. You know that you need to embark on digital transformation and you know that these technologies can help you add value to your business, but how do you proceed with confidence when so much about the technology is new to you and your organization? How do you manage the nature and scale of change, while simultaneously being positioning your business to thrive in the new, digital reality?

Recognizing that recent advances in technology have huge implications for the organizations that we work with, we started to expand the scope of our collaboration with clients. Whereas previously, our focus would be on helping them to develop the right strategy for their business needs and objectives, more recently we found our scope naturally expanding as our clients asked us to support them in making those strategies operational. And because digital reality solutions – namely AR, VR and MR – demonstrated such massive potential in helping our clients achieve their strategic and operational goals, it was natural that we not only advised on how and where to deploy these technologies, but also in helping to design, build and implement digital reality solutions. Such was the demand and our passion for these new technologies and their application for business use that we took the decision to create a new business entity. That new entity is Nuvition.


Nuvition has dedicated advisory and development teams that run digital reality projects all the way from design through to production, implementation, integration of analytics, reporting and ongoing improvement. Nuvition helps you deploy the digital reality solutions that will help your business thrive in the digital age.


The Nuvition leadership team combines extensive experience in data-driven business advisory with a creative approach to the application of next-generation technology. This knowledge and expertise makes us uniquely positioned to understand your business, design solutions that are aligned to your objectives and then implement the technology solutions that will enable your organization to realize the potential of digital reality.

President & Co-founder

Metodija has extensive experience advising global companies on market and business intelligence, ranging from market-entry strategies through to detailed internal process analysis. Metodija also has vast experience in assisting and advising local governments on local and sustainable economic development. At Nuvition, Metodija manages a team of consultants, whose focus is to identify how, where and when to use digital reality solutions, and then design functions based on market intelligence data.

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Vice President & Co-founder

With over 15 years of experience in business advisory, Stathis works with business leaders from around the world to help them achieve their strategic and business goals. At Nuvition, Stathis manages the process of auditing internal processes for companies, and preparing feasibility studies aimed at ascertaining the resources required for the successful implementation of digital reality solutions. He then works with our clients after implementation and advises on how to set – and measure performance against – KPIs.

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Technology alone is not enough. We at Nuvition will guide you through the whole process – right from identifying your needs and potential challenges, all the way through the processes of building a business case, calculating return on investment, designing the digital reality solution, implementing it and helping you monitor and report the impact on your business.




We talk – either in person or through a series of conference calls – to discuss your business objectives and challenges. While we understand that every client and every challenge is different, our experience in the advisory field means that we will be aware of the main challenges that organizations from your industry are facing. This understanding enables us to come up with interesting business cases that could be relevant to your business, or will at least provoke thought and discussion. Our goal at this stage is to identify areas and processes that are ripe for improvement (whether that’s optimization or redesign), assess how they could be improved and assign them an appropriate priority.

Based on our initial discussions, we will build a sketch of a solution that addresses your business objectives and is aligned to your time and budgetary requirements. At this stage, we will investigate the business challenges that we have identified with you, and explore them in a more detailed way. This detailed ‘exploration’ process will take the form of a workshop, the outcome of which will be a summary report that details whether and where digital reality solutions could be applicable for your organization and what tangible outcomes or results your business can expect from their implementation. Your return on investment is our primary measure of success – we don’t want you to buy a tool that will not deliver a relevant return.

Once we have agreed upon the scope, business cases and the initial design of solutions, our team of specialists will commence the ‘build’ stage. We’ll create various iterations and demonstrate progress along the way, inviting you to provide feedback and to involve process stakeholders and tool owners from around your organization. As the tool develops, out project team will conduct rigorous testing, but – in order to provide a fresh and focused perspective – we’ll also involve external testers to ensure that the solution we’re building is fit for purpose and to increase the likelihood of a successful implementation. Development work is organized in a clear and structured manner, and we commit to reporting back to you at regular, agreed-upon intervals, so you know what’s happening at every stage of your project. The result of this comprehensive approach is that you will receive a solution that is ready for large-scale testing and implementation.

Once your digital reality solution is ready, we can begin the exciting process of implementing it within your business. Each tool, organization and business process is different, but the implementation process typically begins with additional technical work as we begin the process of connecting the new solution to your existing IT systems and your business environment. Naturally, the implementation of the solution will take place in a way that is consistent with your organization’s procedures, process flow and operational strategy. We’ll also organize training sessions so that your employees can make full use of the solution’s features and are all able to maximize its benefits. When building solutions for internal and external use, we naturally ensure that the solution is intuitive and that users require minimal instruction or guidance before being able to use confidently.

At the launch of each project, we set and formalize our goals. These goals remain at the forefront of our focus right through every subsequent stage of the project, and after the implementation of the solution. From day one, we’ll be gathering data about the solution, its usage and impact. Whether the solution is intended to increase the efficiency of your online sales or to train and develop a select group of experts within your business, we will help you set and monitor relevant KPIs. The data collected by the solution we implement for you, as well as the feedback gathered by our research team, will serve as the basis for the future development (roadmap) of the solution, and can even contribute to your organization’s strategic and operational planning.

Our goal is to ensure that your organization derives real value from the time and resources invested in your digital reality solution. However, we also recognize that what derives value today, might be worth less just months from now – customer behaviors are changing, expectations rise, technology continues its relentless advance. If your business is to keep pace with this changing dynamic, so must your digital reality solutions. Based on the data and insights gathered after introduction of the solution, our team will be on hand to suggest improvements and evolutions to your existing implementations so that they remain relevant, and continue to deliver increased value to your business. Furthermore, thanks to our business advisory experience and our relationships with companies from a wide variety of sectors and geographic regions, we are able to monitor trends and developments in your field of operation, and are proactively able to identify areas of your business that could benefit from digital reality solutions.





EXPERIENCE (our team has carried out hundreds of projects)


Our ability to naturally blend these strengths means that we are able to deliver a highly compelling, and cost-effective proposition that includes everything from advisory through to post-implementation analysis. In addition to our proven credentials, we pride ourselves on being a friendly company to do business with. And, importantly, the digital world is new and fun – let’s explore it together for the benefit of your business.