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ew industries are experiencing as much disruption and expectation to innovate as the automotive industry. Today, car manufacturers are expected to ‘wow’ their customers not only with the technological features of their cars but also the showroom experience (physical or online), the ownership experience and maintenance. Car makers’ ability to adapt and excel in the digital reality will be one of the key factors that will shape the industry in the coming years. With digital reality, the showroom experience can be completely transformed and enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Imagine walking around a 3D version of your car, exploring and inspecting its features as you do so and accessing relevant data to learn more about features and prices. Why not change the car as it stands in front of you – maybe a sportier trim, a different color, or why not listen to the roar of the engine? Happy with the configuration? Why not take it for a virtual test drive? With digital reality, all of this – and more – is possible. With digital reality, you can expose your brand and its models to customers like never before. And these engaging digital experiences can be carried through to ownership and basic maintenance. Consider the convenience of a mobile app that uses augmented reality to show you how to access important functions on your car or enables you to perform simple maintenance tasks without the assistance of a mechanic. And when things get a little too tricky, how about an expert ‘virtually’ looking over your shoulder to provide guidance. Buying and owning a car will never be the same again.



Increase sales

Improve user experience

Strengthen brand perception

Facilitate and enhance product presentation

Turn browsers into buyers

Shorten the sales cycle

Reduce costs of operations

Improved level of customer service

Decrease exhibition space

Improve quality of training, installation and maintenance

Improve flexibility and mobility of salesforce