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Companies operating in real estate know that selling or renting out their products – houses and apartments – can take significant time, and can involve a mix of physical visits to a unit, meetings on your premises as well as perusal of physical and online materials (prospectus documents, photo galleries, etc.). All of this takes time, and the longer a buying process takes, the less likely you are to be maximizing you returns. Photos and videos help, but are they enough? Digital reality solutions help you dramatically reduce the time and effort that goes into completing real estate transactions. By enabling customers to virtually ‘visit’ a property, or properties, from your office or from the comfort of their own home, it reduces time spent travelling to properties, it enables several properties to be visited and compared ‘side by side’, and it allows buyers the opportunity to evade the pressure caused by allotted visiting times and, thus facilitates a more-relaxed consideration process, faster decision and greater confidence in the final decision to buy.



If you operate in construction, then you know that Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is becoming increasingly common and has already been proven to decrease delivery time and keep projects within budget. Augmented Reality (AR) can take this process one step further. Today, many construction projects require you to switch your mindset and focus from scale models and paper designs to real-world reality. This requires mental effort and can be cumbersome. Imagine being able to overlay a 3D BIM model in its full-scale glory while you’re at the construction site. This type of real-time visualization allows architects to provide project owners, contractors and end customers with greater visibility into the details and design. This enables all stakeholders to better understand how a project will materialize, which means greater confidence, and the ability to consider and take decisions on any changes (e.g. windows, flooring and materials) quickly without risk of disrupting project timelines.

real estate


Significantly improve product presentation

Improve availability of information to support buying decision

Reduce cost and efforts associated with making a sale

Improve level of customer service

Enhance customer satisfaction

Improve flexibility and mobility of salesforce